Matted fur can occur if the coat of your pet is not groomed properly. This can happen to both cats and dogs, especially if they’ve got long hair. You will recognize matted fur by seeing a lot of knots and tangles across its fur.  

As a pet owner, you might think that matted fur is simply an aesthetic problem. However, that is not the case at all. Matted fur can be extremely risky for your pet.  

Today, we’re going to share with you the risks of matted fur. If you don’t want your pet to have matted fur, you should regularly schedule a mobile dog grooming Dana Point service. 

Their Behavior Might Change 

Even if your pet cannot see its physical look as we do, they could still tell something is not right with their fur. Because of this, their behavior might change. Both dogs and cats might become more aggressive and not allow anyone to touch them. This is particularly true around the areas where their fur is matted.  

They Can Scratch Their Skin Excessively 

Your cat or dog can feel the matted fur. That is why they’ll probably groom themselves to get rid of it. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to in most cases. This can result in excessive scratching of these parts.  

They might scratch their skin excessively to the point where their nails can tear their skin, especially if it gets caught on the mat.  

On these occasions, you might have to give antibiotics to your pet to recover.  

It Can Affect The Ears of Your Dog 

When your dog has knots or tangles around its ears, you need to hire a professional dog groomer right away. Matted fur in this part can lead to the blood vessels bursting. This could create a painful sensation for the dog.  

The ears of your dog will probably start to bleed if you ignore this. The reason for this is that the professional groomer would have to get rid of the fur that is closer to the skin to remove the matting. This can result in more pain for your dog.  

It Can Make Your Dog Sick 

Matted hair prevents the skin of your dog to breathe properly. Because of this, moisture is trapped. This creates an ideal place for germs to breed and create a lot of health issues for your dog.  

In addition to that, matted fur could make it more difficult to spot fleas or insects on your dog. The reason for this is that they can easily hide under the knots.  

What To Do with Matted Fur? 

You need to properly groom your pet to prevent matting, especially if they have long hair. The frequency of grooming your pet depends on the breed you’ve got in general. You will also have to consider the type of fur your pet has.  

However, a professional veterinarian can offer more details about pet grooming.  

Also, you might want to hire a professional groomer for this. You can always do the job on your own. However, groomers have the right tools and skills to properly groom your dog