The regular running sounds of a fridge are so accustomed that they blend into the background. Because of this, it can be a bit startling to hear loud noises coming from your refrigerator.  

So, why is your fridge making weird sounds? Well, there are a lot of reasons this can happen. Oftentimes, one malfunctioning component can lead to a whole lot of sounds.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some of the most common failures in fridge components that are typically responsible for odd fridge noises.  

If you think your fridge is making weird sounds, don’t hesitate to hire a refrigerator repair Rancho Santa Margarita technician for help. 

Malfunctioning Water Inlet Valve 

Typically, water inlet valve issues are responsible for a fridge making knocking sounds. For those who don’t know, the water inlet valve closes and opens to enable water from your home’s supply to enter the fridge for ice and water production.  

The valve’s interior can become clogged by sediment or minerals over time. Perhaps the problem is the electrical controls. When this occurs, the valve might produce a knocking noise as it runs. You might also notice limited production in ice and water. 

 A Problem in the Fan Motor 

Is your fridge producing squealing sounds when it operates? This can be because of a motor problem in the condenser or evaporator fans. The purpose of these fans is to cool refrigerant as it flows across different components of the fridge. Finding which fan is faulty varies on the location of the noise.  

  • Fridge Will Not Cool 

The fridge can’t keep its temperature or feels warm inside. 

  • Condenser Fan 

Sound is coming from behind or below the fridge. 

  • Evaporator Fan 

Noises become louder when you open the fridge’s door.  

To figure out if it is blocked or if the motor has other issues, you need to inspect both fans. Though you can remove the item that is blocking the fan to get rid of the sound, a failed motor or a damaged fan blade means you have to replace the fan. 

Loose Drain Pan 

Oftentimes, a loud vibrating sound in the fridge can often be attributed to a loose drain pan. The purpose of the fan is to gather any condensation from the defrost system. Typically, you can find it under the fridge.  

If the pan is loose, it might loudly vibrate if the refrigerator operates. You can get rid of the noise by simply tightening the hardware of the pan.  

If you notice at least one of these odd sounds, don’t hesitate to hire a technician for help. 

Regular Fridge Sounds 

While modern refrigerators run more quietly compared to older models, they aren’t silent. Almost every fridge creates a variety of sounds during its daily operation. 

Regular fridge operating sounds include: 

  • Hammering or Thumping 

This happens if you’re the fridge is filling the waterline.  

  • Grinding or Squeaking 

This occurs when the door is rubbing against a cabinet or enclosure when you open it.  

  • Rattling or Vibrating 

This can happen as the water moves through the water lines or refrigerant flows through the cooling system.