Termites present a huge threat to your property. They can cause a lot of damage to your house. They can easily carve away your old furniture, tear down the structures in your house, and much more.  

As soon as you notice a termite walking around your home, you should immediately hire a professional company for termite inspections. This will help you prevent major damages if the infestation isn’t severe yet.  

If you choose to ignore the signs, you’ll end up with a serious infestation that can ruin the structure of your house. Fixing these damages can cost thousands of dollars.  

Today, we’re going to share with you the dangers of termite infestation and why you should immediately hire a termite treatment Lake Forest service. 

Indications of Termite Damage 

Understanding the signs of termite damage can help you determine if termites are in your house before they can create major damages. If you see at least one of these indications, you need to hire a professional pest control company for help.  

Most common indications of termite damage include: 

  • Termite wings that look like tiny scales 
  • Droppings that you’ll typically find around door and window frames 
  • Mud tubes around the foundation of your house 
  • Floor damage that includes loosening, sagging, or blistering of materials 
  • A hollow sound in the wood 
  • Swelling in the paint or wood 

If you notice at least one of these indications, you should immediately hire a pest control company for help. The longer you ignore the problem, the bigger it will become in the future. Thus, you should act right away.  

What Do Termites Eat? 

For those who don’t know, termites love to eat wood. However, these pests also eat other things aside from wood. Termites also eat other materials that contain cellulose. This includes plaster, insulation, and drywall. A couple of termites might also eat soft metals.  

Various forms of termites also eat various materials. They’ve got various gut bacteria that can break down different things.  

For instance, dry-wood termites eat the wood in your home’s structure. On the other hand, damp-wood termites love to eat decaying wood, such as fallen branches and stumps. Keep in mind that damp-wood termites can still infest your house and attack damaged wood.  

Formation of Termite Colony 

One of the biggest reasons why termites can easily destroy your property is that they can quickly establish huge colonies. In addition to that, every member of the colony has a particular task. Thus, there’s a good focus on the colony’s activities. 

When infestation is less severe, termite colonies can have thousands of termites. On the other hand, severe infestations can have millions of termites. The severity of infestation varies on the species that you’ve got.  

In each colony that you’ll find, there are soldiers that protect the colony, workers that consume the wood, and a queen that produces a lot of termites. The biggest class in each colony is the worker class. They’ll eat the wood in your house non-stop. Because of this, the bigger the colony, the faster they can damage your property.